Our Favorite Quotes from the S2 Exchange: New York

S2 Exchange NYC


The S2 Exchange: New York is in the books and what a great night of conversation from the speakers, panelists and the attendees. We’ve assembled a few of our favorite quotes from the night.



During the Content Marketing Ethics: Innovation vs. Privacy panel discussion the panel all agreed that marketers get a bad name and rightly so for being lazy and using shortcuts instead of looking at long term goals and engaging with an eye towards long term relationships with the community.



While the topic was innovation vs privacy, the discussion turned to how we use the tools that we do to engage. When marketing is done right, it’s a service to the consumer. Marketing serves consumers information and solutions. When marketing is done with shortsighted goals, you don’t serve the consumer, you serve marketers.



When tools are used incorrectly, you wind up being targeted for advertisements all around the web of items that you’ve already purchased on Amazon or eBay or an item that a friend sent you as a joke. When that happens, you’re not only wasting your own time and resources, but you’re also wasting the time and patience of the consumer. Once you’ve wasted patience, you may never get it back and it reflects poorly on all marketers, not just yourself.


Aside from being timely, Peter has a point.  Unless you’re a person who is using the company account as your personal account you should respect the boundaries of good taste. Use your internal sense of what’s appropriate to determine if there’s a trend that you can get involved in. A tragic death? Probably not the best opportunity to jump in.


S2 Exchange New York


The main takeaways from S2 Exchange: New York were mostly about tools. Just because a tool exists, doesn’t mean you should use it. Spend your time to think about what the long-term goals are and how you can better serve the customer with them.


We’d like to thank our panelists Peter ShankmanThe Difference Engine’s Farrah BosticRebelMouse’s Ted Rubin,  Bob Knorpp from The Bean Cast and Hopkinson Creative Media’s Jim Hopkinson for taking part of the S2 Exchange: New York and all of the attendees for participating in the conversation and wine!


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