The Man in the Cowboy Hat Campaign

Multiple People Injured After Explosions Near Finish Line at Boston Marathon

It’s a regular day….until it’s not!


What launches one man on a journey to honor his son and fight for the America he believed in? The world changed forever for Carlos Arredondo on the day he learned his oldest son had died, fighting in Iraq.


“The Man in the Cowboy Hat” follows Arredondo as he evolves from a grief-stricken father to an influential peace activist to the Boston Marathon bombing hero. His story highlights the social and personal consequences of war.


This film urges you to take a stand for the American Dream and democratic values. If we don’t ensure that these values continue to exist, who will?


Join S2 as we support the efforts of the filmmakers to bring this important story to fruition.


We can help them get to the finish line by contributing to the campaign.


Take a stand and participate with Carlos Arredondo and donate today……..we did!



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