Mobile Marketing From App to Z


Not too many people would start off their paperback glossary book with “Don’t forget: Mobile first!”, but Josef Mantl and Harald Winkelhofer’s Mobile Marketing from App to Z begins with that tongue-in-cheek phrase. What follows in the pocket-sized book is just what the title of the book calls for: an A to Z glossary of nearly every mobile marketing term you could have questions about.


As a glossary book, Mobile Marketing from App to Z is a thorough look at most of the commonly used terms in mobile marketing. As an idea, Mobile Marketing from App to Z is a brilliant piece of marketing for Mantl and Winkelhofer. The book was launched in New York City with an event at the Austrian Trade Commission where Mantle spoke along with Sociality Squared CEO Helen Todd and Austrian Trade Commissioner Michael Friedl.



The book was co-authored by Josef Mantl (founder of Josef Mantl Communications GmbH) and Harald Winkelhofer (IQ mobile, two leading voices in mobile marketing. This is the second edition of the book, the first being in German. We’d recommend picking up the book if the opportunity arises. It would make an excellent addition to your desk or bookshelf for a quick reference.


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