7 Blog Ideas to Take the “Blah” Out of Blogging


If you’re a working girl like me, there’s not enough time in the day to take a lunch break let alone write a weekly blog post for your brand, business, or organization.  Coming up with a brilliant idea for a story is the last thing on your mind when you already have oodles of noodles on your plate.  As a matter of fact, I’m writing this very post at the last minute − just three days before deadline.  So, what’s a gal (or guy) to do?  Well, there are at least a dozen ways to craft a clever message and provide valuable info that doesn’t have to be such a time suck.  Here are seven blog content ideas for you to take advantage of.  Just remember to keep your posts RELEVANT to your audience!

There’s Always Something to Blog About

#1 – Review a book or article

Not in a book club?  But you do read, don’t you?  Note your opinion about a professional online article, a piece of fiction, a whitepaper, a news story that relates to your brand, business, or product.  Keep your thoughts simple. Include links to the original source material to further illustrate your point of view.  Break up the paragraphs with quotes.  Link back to other reviewers, and remember to share your post with them so they help you further distribute your content throughout their own social media channels.

#2 – Make a list

If you can make a grocery list, then you can turn a blog post into a list.  Lists are incredibly popular because it’s quick and easy information for the brain to digest in one fell swoop.  And, if the content rocks, like this list from blogger extraordinaire Dave Delaney, it may even go viral.  Start off with writing about the “Ten Best Blogs…” in your subject of expertise.  It’s a great way to connect with your audience and peers, and demonstrates that you’re a thought leader.

#3 – Blog an event

Your office holiday gathering, organization’s fundraiser, a product demonstration, conference, or even a live event all make for great blogging material.  Seriously, who hasn’t had a good office Christmas party story to share, or a heartwarming encounter when staff served a meal at a homeless shelter.  And, lest we forget those words of wisdom that your boss shared at his recent TED Talk.  These all make for great content to pass along to readers.  You can even “live blog” by posting at an event itself, and add updates along the way.

#4 – Publish an interview

Nothing is simpler than coming up with five or six questions and letting someone else provide the answers.  Solicit expert advice such as “6 tips to…,” or “5 thing’s you’d suggest…” You might consider turning the interview into a series that you can publish over the course of several weeks.  Just remember to begin the post with a catchy intro before you dive into the Q’s and A’s.

#5 – Publish a post from a “guest” blogger

Make your life easy and invite someone else to do the writing. Publish content from another professional in your field of expertise or a relevant blogger in your industry.  Did you know that consumers make for great bloggers?  They tell the truth, hold nothing back, and can offer your own brand or organization insight on what is valuable to the end user.  My friend Dana Trentini, aka HypothyroidMom, is a busy, working mom who often makes use of this tactic.

#6 – The best and the worst

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” Didn’t Charles Dickens write that?  You can too as you blog about the best and worst products, brands, or services. Apply this idea to “pro and con” stories on one app vs. another.  Sociality Squared makes great use of this concept sharing info on the best and worst times to post on social media.

#7 – Repurpose, Repurpose, and Repurpose

The famous comic Milton Berle once said, “I never stole a joke in my life. I just find them before they’re lost.”  Whether it’s content you’ve previously published, or someone else’s article, you can repurpose the material, give it a different spin, a new title, put your own voice to the message, change the images, and update the information to make it timely.  Just never write it verbatim! That’s a no no.

Stress Undone

Now there’s no reason to get the “blahs”  or stress-out when you’re tasked to write that weekly blog post.  You’ve got seven unique blog content ideas that can attract and engage your readers.  And, if these aren’t enough, ask me, I’ll give you seven more.

Got any blogging ideas to add to this list?  Let us know in a comment.

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