Dolphin Browser: Turning Facebook Live Video into a Live Video Game

S2 client Dolphin Browser took the leap into Facebook Live video with a campaign that engaged users and brought a new, fun twist to a giveaway. Read below to see how the team did it, why they did it, and the results.


  • Highest Facebook engagement rate in Dolphin’s history
  • Fans inspired to make their own videos without being prompted to
  • One of the first instances of a brand using Facebook live video to create an interactive game

About the Client

Dolphin Browser started in 2009 as a bold idea. Yongzhi Yang – a Software Architect at Microsoft – wanted a quality browser for Android with a higher capacity for features and personalization. In true entrepreneurial fashion, he built one himself.

After months of hard work and testing, Dolphin Browser HD arrived on the Google Play Store in May of 2010, and then on the iOS App Store in 2011. Dolphin quickly built momentum in the Android and iOS community and was even touted as Lifehacker’s favorite mobile browser, reaching over 1 million installs in less than a year and ending up with over 150 million installs since.

The Challenge

As a tech company, it is important for Dolphin to be continually positioning itself as a leader in utilizing emerging technologies. In order to showcase this to the company’s young and tech-savvy fan base, Sociality Squared set out to use the new Facebook live video feature in a way others weren’t: as a platform to host a live video game.

Our Solution

S2 devised The Dolphin Browser Mobile Throwdown to engage fans in a fun, youthful, and innovative way. The event centered around two phones battling on live video to determine which mobile device was the best phone of 2016. The campaign, which ran the first week of December, involved the fans throughout the entire process. They were first asked to pick which phones they would like to win in a giveaway, with the most votes ultimately going to the Google Pixel and the OnePlus 3. The S2 team then crafted a storyline in which puppet proxies for these two mobile devices would battle in a live video boxing match. Dolphin fans could cheer on their favorite phone during the live event by using a Facebook reaction assigned to each fighter. This gave fans the ability to influence the outcome of the event. Whichever phone was receiving the most Facebook reactions was dominating the fight. After the event was over and a phone champion was named, Dolphin immediately hosted a giveaway of that mobile device.

Other key elements included:

  • Topical tech jokes geared towards the audience: This included the final knockout move being named “The Flaming Note” after the recent Samsung Note 7 snafu.
  • Strategic Facebook ads: The ads targeted existing Dolphin fans who live in countries that both 1) have high concentrations of engaged Dolphin fans and 2) have large fan bases for boxing, wrestling, UFC, martial arts, etc.


  • Highest engagement in Dolphin’s history: One of the campaign posts had by far the highest engagement rate in the five years Dolphin has been on Facebook (58.5% engagement rate compared to the second place of 34.9%).
  • Over 11 days worth of video views: More than 16,000 minutes watched of campaign videos.
  • Inspired fans: A fan made a video response to the campaign to say how much he enjoyed the fight and posted it on the Dolphin page.

Finally, we want to give a big thanks to the many people who helped produce the video as we couldn’t have done it without you.

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